I have had the opportunity to work with the following professionals, some for many years. Each one is experienced in their field and the process of buying and selling businesses. Should you require any of their services, please feel free to contact them directly.
If you are a professional offering services that can assist in the process to BUY, GROW or SELL a business, I would like to hear from you.  [Contact me]
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Growth Strategies Inc.

Business Coaching Services
Bob Jeffery
President and Founder, Growth Strategies Inc.

Growth Strategies Inc. is a business coaching and consulting company based in Brampton, Ontario. Its principal Bob Jeffery, is an accomplished coach with a strong background in engineering and manufacturing with additional experience in the areas of finance, accounting, human resources, quality assurance, sales, marketing and materials management.

Bob works with the owners of small and medium sized businesses to assist them to analyze the issues within the business, decide on the necessary course of action and work alongside them during the implementation of the necessary plans to ensure success. Bob’s focus is building equity in the business to increase its value.

Bob Jeffery

Tel: 416.819.8113


O’Connor Zanardo Professional Corporation

Barrister & Solicitors
Linda Zanardo
Partner, O’Connor Zanardo Professional Corporation

Linda received a BA in law and psychology from Carleton University and subsequently graduated from University of Windsor, faculty of law in 1988. She was called to the Ontario Bar in 1990.

Over the 20 years of practice Linda has established a strong relationship with business clients enabling her to be effective in providing support in drafting and negotiating numerous types of contracts and servicing a broad range of commercial needs. She has extensive experience in commercial real estate and financing as well as corporate reorganizations which includes an emphasis in succession planning. Linda is often asked to provide her input in committees and management for corporations who can benefit from her wide range of business and legal knowledge.

Linda resides in Mississauga and enjoys spending time with her family.

Linda Zanardo

Tel: 905.896.4370


Corporate Solutions Inc.

Estate Planning and Insurance Solutions
Raymond Matt, CFP, CLU, TEP, CHS
President and Founder, RMW Corporate Solutions

Our focus is to help people make an informed decision when considering insurance solutions that guarantee their lifestyle and legacy.  Raymond’s role as an independent insurance broker has allowed him the opportunity to work very closely with private shareholders in a wide variety of industries.

Raymond works closely with clients and their advisors focusing on life insurance implementations; his attention to detail creates confidence and trust.  Our objective is helping our clients, in concert with their advisors, to make an informed decision.  Education and disclosure is paramount to understanding the complexities associated with insurance products and their uses.

Most engagements begin with a discovery interview; understanding a client’s facts and circumstances allows us to provide quality advice.

Raymond began his career in the insurance industry in November 1984 with the Mutual Life Assurance Company of Canada.  He was licensed in the province of Ontario for Life Insurance and Accident and Sickness Insurance in June 1985.  In 1993 he became an independent insurance broker.

Raymond Matt

Tel: 705.526.2807